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New Products 2020

New Products 2020

Mahr | Production metrology


Up-to-date and efficient –
New products 2020


Product Highlights 2020

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New functionalities, new technology, new products – for more efficiency and productivity.

From manual calipers to fully automated measuring stations: modern measuring technology can do more than just measure precisely. Get to know our new products and find out how Mahr upgrades your quality assurance! Read among other things:


MarSurf Serien CD | GD | VD

New accessories for more efficiency


MarSurf M 310

Modern mobile roughness measurement


Millimar Serie N 1700

New compatibility for more flexibility



MarSurf CM mobile

3D surface analysis - simple, everywhere


MarSurf CD 140 BE 0105

Customer-specific use


MarForm MMQ 500

Flexible measurement of shape and position


Precimar ICM 100 IP

Fast in handling, safe in results


Precimar SM 60

Small giant for mobile measurement


MarCal 18 EWRi

The ideal choice for your workshop


Multimar 25 EWRi

The all-rounder in your production