Od vizije Industrije 4.0 do Metrologije 4.0

MarSurf--LD_130--BI--800x600--72dpi At the Control 2015, Mahr presented an Industry 4.0 measuring station. It demonstrated the demands of the vision Industry 4.0 that can already be fulfilled by Mahr and its partner SIM. The answer to the demands for higher product individuality, higher flexibility of the handling and measuring systems and for greater speed are given by Mahr and SIM: Three different variants of a rotary piston can be automatically recognized, measured and marked by the same handling and measuring system in the Industry 4.0 measuring station. The notion of products becoming intelligent is realized with a data matrix code. The code supplies the rotary piston variants with additional information on product features and production requirements.

The measurement sequence shows how a robot from the company Denso accommodates the rotary pistons. The rotary piston is identified at the detection station by a black and white camera that reads the data matrix code. The robot then loads the rotary table of the measuring station. This process is repeated until the rotary table is completely loaded. Then the measurement of the rotary piston variants begins. The measurements and data analyses are product-specific. After completion of the measurement data analysis, the measurement results are saved in a quality database or a cloud. The rotary pistons are picked up by the robot and brought to the reading and marking station. The product is again identified by the data matrix code and marked with an additional number sequence. The number sequence is representative of the information "part OK" / "part not OK ", a quality class or other information.
With the measuring station study, the companies Mahr and SIM impressively demonstrate their Industry 4.0 expertise and are thus your partners for the automation and networking of test sequences.
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