Standardni merilni elementi: ekonomične meritve v proizvodnji

Millimar--BI--elements_standart_bis-mod--800x600--72dpi With Millimar standard parts, multi-gage measuring devices can be designed for a variety of workpieces - such as for rotationally symmetrical and non-rotationally symmetrical parts and implemented close to production. Rotationally symmetrical workpieces can be clamped between centers or placed on prisms, while non-rotationally symmetrical workpieces often require a special mount. Read here about the benefits of Millimar measurement standard parts.

Thanks to the versatility of the Millimar standard parts, the right solution can be provided for a variety of inspection tasks. Whether outside measurements, inside measurements or length measurements – even hard to reach workpiece geometries – Millimar standard parts can be adapted to a wide variety of test requirements. The space-saving design of the probe tips allows for a large number of measuring points on a small area of the specimen. The pneumatic lifters integrated into the measuring elements facilitate the insertion of the specimen into the measurement position, reducing the wear of the measuring inserts.

The consistent, modular design of the devices realized with Millimar standard parts and the large measuring range of the measuring inserts (up to 20 mm) enable a high flexibility of the test equipment in terms of the most varied of test specimens.

Millimar standard elements are specially designed for use on the shop floor and manufactured with great care. The measuring devices ensure stable and reliable measuring values. If, for example, the tolerance of the test feature requires, a repeatability accuracy of measurements in the micron range can be reached through the use of measuring inserts that are equipped with two ball bearings to support the movable part.

The use of stainless materials, the selection of the appropriate heat treatments as well as lifting devices to reduce the friction acting on the measuring inserts when inserting the workpieces all extend the life of equipment and reduce maintenance.

Whether you create your testing unit yourself by purchasing the measuring standard parts “in the catalog” required for this purpose, or whether you want to leave the realization of your “turnkey” device to us – you can be sure of obtaining your specially tailored solution at the best conditions. Among the many factors that contribute to the economy of Millimar standard parts are:
  • Reusability of the standard parts: If the production of a workpiece type is discontinued, all standard parts can be reused to realize a new tester for a different type of workpiece
  • Selection among various techniques for guiding the movable part of the measuring inserts, depending on the accuracy requirements of the measurement task (best value for money)
  • Shorter times for planning and implementation
  • Availability of devices: Our mass-produced standard parts are kept on stock, always available and ready for use.
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